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The Atypical Family is a new K-drama series starring Jang Ki-Young and Chun Woo-Hee. The fantasy romantic drama will be aired every week on JTBC and Netflix.

According to the official synopsis, “Once a family was blessed with extraordinary superpowers until they lost them due to problems of this time — unless someone unknown changed everything.” Bok Gwi-Joo’s family has magical powers but their abilities are affect by real-life issues.

Gwi-Joo’s mother believes that her son can recover his powers when Do Da-Hae comes into their life. However, healing Gwi-Joo’s depression and regaining what they have lost won’t be easy.

Among many A-list actors involved in this series are Jang Ki-Young, Chun Woo-Hee, Go Doo-Shim and Kim Su-Hyun.

Bok Gwi-Joo is played by Ki-Young who is the son of the Bok family. He can travel to the past but after an unfortunate event occurred he falls into deep depression which causes his ability to gradually vanish away. His present becomes gloomy since he cannot go back to cheerful moments from his past. Can anyone save him from that mental state? Time will show if Da-Hae can do this for him or not. Some of Ki-Young’s famous characters include those in My Roommate Is a Gumiho, Search: WWW and Kill It among others.

Woo-Hee portrays a mysterious woman named Do Da-Hae who changes lives within Bok families’ members themselves as soon as she starts living with them. In the trailer she saves Gwi-Joo from drowning in the sea when he seems to be sinking down forever.

Kim Su-Hyun acts as Bok Dong-Hee – Gwi-Joo’s sister having an ability to fly but losing it because of eating disorder also intimidating Da-Hae in some way throughout whole K-drama. Go Doo-Shim plays Gwi-Joo’s mother Bok Man-Heum who dreams of Da-Hae therefore thinking that she is the solution to their problems. Her magical power is ability to see future but it disappears due phone addiction.

The family features Gwi-Joo’s power-less daughter Bok Yi-Na whose mother has died as well as other members mentioned earlier such as:

Oh Man-Seok – Eom Soon-Gu

Kim Geum-Soon – Baek Il-Hong

Ryu Abel – Grace

Choi Kwang-Rok – Noh Hyung-Tae

Jung Min-Ah – Se Yeon

Directed by Jo Hyun-Taek with Joo Hwa-Mi serving as screenwriter, art director Kim Bo-Ra and composer Jung Jae-Hyung among others.

Korean drama The Atypical Family will debut on Saturday 4th May 2024 at 10.30 pm KST (JTBC) consisting of 12 episodes which would also be available for streaming on Netflix.

During the promotion event, Jang Ki-Young spoke about his co-star Woo-Hee saying: “I really liked her. She was a senior I want to work with” describing her as someone who was easygoing and understanding.

On the other hand Chun Woo-hee shared her thoughts on working with Jang Ki Young stating that at first sight she felt warmth from him but what surprised her most while filming together was how quiet he turned out to be yet so diligent in performing tasks assigned to him because according to her this had been her first time working alongside younger person in entertainment industry.

Judging from trailers and photos taken behind scenes these two actors seem like they have great chemistry so we can expect lot more than just love story between them coming soon.

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