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Netflix continues to dominate in the true crime genre, and April’s release — The Asunta Case — tackles a harrowing real-life story from Spain. In this mini-series, two parents report their 12-year-old adopted daughter Asunta Basterra missing, but the narrative takes many twisted turns when police start looking at her played by Candela Pena and Tristan Ulloa.

What happened in The Asunta Basterra Case?

In September 2013, Spain was left shaken with the murder of twelve-year-old Asunta Basterra. Rosario Porto and Alfonso Basterra adopted the Chinese girl who was weak as a child when she arrived from China to Spain but grew into an exceptional young lady that excelled academically, very intelligent (she spoke six languages), interested in playing musical instruments and ballet. Her mother had big plans for her including sending her to study in UK but on September 21st her parents reported their adopted daughter missing only for the body of Asunta to be found tied up next to a road outside Santiago de Compostela.

The child died by asphyxiation, and large amounts of Lorazepam – a drug – were found in her system. The police investigation led them to the parents; on October 30th, 2015 Rosario Porto-Alfonso Basterra were convicted for murdering Asunta and sentenced to eighteen years imprisonment. Throughout the trial both parents maintained their innocence.

Where is Alfonso Basterra now?

Rosario Porto while still serving jail time would be found dead inside her cell at Brieva Penitentiary in Avila having allegedly committed suicide by hanging herself. Meanwhile, little is known about where specifically Alfonso may currently be located but reports suggest he remains incarcerated.

Will ‘The Asunta Case’ on Netflix be based on real events?

The Netflix series is an adaptation of the shocking case. According to them: “It is a fiction limited series produced by Bambú Producciones Spain”. The show will consist of six episodes and cover the actual case.

Why did Asunta’s parents kill her?

Cracks in Alfonso and Rosario’s relationship had started showing, leading to their agreement to divorce at the beginning of 2013. Previously Porto had been seeing a psychiatrist but she never went for all the appointments that were scheduled.

In June 2013 Rosario suffered a breakdown that landed her in hospital where her estranged husband visited, helping her come back home and pick up life again. However, Porto was allegedly already involved with another man while Alfonso now had his own flat so reconciliation was not in sight.

It would later be revealed by investigators that after adopting Asunta, the couple grew tired of their adopted daughter whom they’d raised for ten years. Detectives concluded that the couple planned the murder by systematically drugging the child — an accusation corroborated by teachers who testified having seen Asunta sluggish at school which wasn’t normal behavior for her; when asked what was wrong she said someone gave her white powder at home.

All through the trial, what the prosecutors would say is that Alfonso was more of an accomplice in this murder; all focus being put on Porto alone. They used evidence such as debunked stories from Porto which were captured by the CCTV camera and a ball made out of strings similar to those used in tying Asunta being discovered inside a waste bin located at their house against her. Prosecution also found it necessary to bring into light drugs whether prescribed or not taken by Porto who said Asunta had twenty-seven crushed tablets when she died. 

The jury took three days before they could reach a guilty verdict for both defendants.

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